GSM Intercoms


Advancements in technology sees the cost of GSM Intercoms tumble over the last number of years, offering a superb cost effective solution for a homeowner to communicate with visitors to your home via a landline or mobile phone. 

The outdoor call station, which once programmed will call through a list of stored numbers until answered who can then grant entry by entering a digit on the telephone handset.

GSM Intercoms can also be used as a GSM switch allowing the homeowner to dial in to grant access to the entrance that it is fitted to. 

A white and black list can be setup to allow you to secure this feature, by only allowing trusted numbers the ability to activate this feature when they dial in. All other are ignored. 


Founded in 1956, Comelit Group SpA is an industrial company operating on a worldwide scale and specialising in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control and fire protection systems.

Introducing the GSM-1K 4G Intercom

Comelit 4G Intercom is designed to work with gates, barriers and door entry. Utilising 2G, 3G & 4G networks where available we are able to eliminate the cabling between the entrance and the property. Calls are received on standard telephones or mobile phones.

Install a SIM card from any network in the panel, then using the easy to use APP, or via the keypad just program the numbers required.

When the call button is pressed the recipient can talk to the visitor and let them in by pressing # 

Avoid missing callers, the additional numbers can be programmed to forward the call on to other devices / phone numbers – never miss an important delivery again!

Mobile Entry Intercoms

Using the ever reliable Comelit KAE Extra type call panel or the 8241i iKall combined keypad and call station unit, the Mobile Entry ranger is renowned for reliability and dependability when used with the 2T MEI controller. Features of both units include;

  • Excellent Audio Quality.
  • Easy to install. Quick to configure. 
  • Only mains wires required.
  • Never miss a caller even when you’re not at home.
  • Controlled access to when not at home.
  • Sends a warning if the gate is left open.
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure.
  • Receive a warning if credit is running low.
  • Response to incoming calls can be disabled.

2T Technology GSM Range

2T-Technology is an Irish company with over 30 years expertise specialising in Design, Manufacture and Support of Access Control, Communications, Automation and Security products with particular emphasis on GSM solutions. 

Voyager Voice Sleek GSM Intercom

  • Sleek Intercom with Back and Side Lights & illuminated keypad
  • Spoken male or female voice or tones
  • IP55 Waterproof housing
  • Control 2 Gates or Doors with 2 relays
  • Calls 1 to 5 numbers in sequence. landline or mobile
  • Open access operation by default
  • 200 user white list, when numbers programmed
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • 10 automated schedules time events, assignable per gate
  • Backlit button and keypad
  • Time and day limited keypad codes
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Intelligent software that keeps the PAYG SIM on the Network
  • Security Code to restrict programming access
  • Android and iPhone Apps available

Vandal Proof VIME-I 4G Intercoms

  • All In One Intercom, enclosures, available with or without a keypad.
  • Calls 1 to 5 numbers in sequence. landline or mobile.
  • Relay for access control.
  • Open access operation by default.
  • 200 user white list, when numbers programmed.
  • Excellent Audio Quality.
  • Wireless intercom communication with any landline or mobile.
  • Simple to set-up by sending short text messages from any mobile or webtext.
  • Android and iPhone Apps available

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