Comelit Intercom Systems


Founded in 1956, Comelit Group SpA is an industrial company operating on a worldwide scale and specialising in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control and fire protection systems.

Deep roots, global vision. Since 1956.

Comelit exports to over 70 countries worldwide and, in addition to its Italian headquarters, has 15 branches located in strategic areas in which the company operates: from Europe to the Far East, the United States and the Middle East. This articulated sales structure integrates shared know-how with the awareness of specific requirements in each market.

Comelit makes constantly looking to the future its mission. Innovation through continuous investment in manpower and technology finds an outlet in the design of new solutions dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life by maximising simplicity and functionality.

Door Entry Solutions for all sizes of applications.

Flexible Technology


ViP System represents the evolution of video entry technology and the services connected to it, with a new dimension linked to data transmission offering performance suited to modern residential, commercial, industrial and advanced tertiary scenarios. Serves an unlimited number of users, with simultaneous conversations and no distance limitations. A single backbone on a LAN (specific or using existing networks), to which the devices are connected via an RJ45 plug.


2 non-polarised wires throughout for quick, simple installation. Ideal for single villas and large residential complexes: 4 main entrances, 32 riser columns, 128 users per riser for a total of 120,000 users. Free intercom function with 4 monitors in parallel, integrated video surveillance, second entrance management. Connection distance of up to 1200 metres between external and internal units. Intercom functions without the additional devices.


The Building Kit is a door entry monitor system that uses 2-wire cabling throughout, even to the external unit. It can manage up to 3 ringtones in parallel, 1 main monitor and 2 secondary monitors per apartment. The distances between the devices are limited to: 250 metres between the external unit and the monitor, 125 metres between the external unit and the power supply unit, 125 metres between the power supply unit and the last monitor.


The Multi-User Gateway is a revolutionary door entry solution which will change the way you think of Multi-tenant door entry access. It is time to finally step forward from telephone only door entry systems and be able to answer calls from the main door on your smartphone or tablet with full video communication with the Comelit App. The App allows your video entry systems to be managed remotely by smartphones and/or tablets connected to mobile networks or Wi-Fi outside of your building.

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