J275 F 2K

Fixed traffic bollard

Type of operator



800 mm


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The J275 HA 2K Automatic retractable traffic bollard

It can be operated on command by authorised personnel or through automatic commands.

  • Power supply and wiring not required
  • “Shallow Mounted” design: minimum hole depth required
  • Visually identical to the retractable (HA) models, making it perfect for mixed installations

Dimensions and technical specifications


J275 F 2K H800

J275 F 2K H800 INOX

Cylinder height from ground

800 mm

Cylinder diameter

275 mm

Cylinder material

S235JRH EN10219 steel

AISI 316L stainless steel

Cylinder treatment

Cataphoresis and polyester painting

Satin finish

Reflective strip height

55 mm

Standard reflecting strip colour


Break in resistance

656 kJ (dual unit)

Total weight

110 Kg

Walled in pit with cylinder profile (LxWxH)

500 x 500 x 150 mm

Excavation dimensions (LxWxH)

750 x 750 x 150 mm

(*) data referred to 230V~ 50Hz

Painted steel family models


Item code

J275 F 2K H800



The J275 F 2K comes with:

  • steel cylinder with cataphoresis treatment and metallised dark grey powder coated painting
  • flashing LED lights ring*

Inox AISI 316L family models


Item code

J275 F 2K H800



The J275 F 2K INOX is equipped with:

  • AISI 316L satin-finished stainless steel cylinder
  • flashing LED lights ring*