J200 F

Fixed access control bollard

Type of operator



600 mm


The Fixed FAAC J200 traffic bollard does not require invasive installation work, nor electrical wiring.

Therefore it is suited for permanent installations to close off residential pedestrian areas or for mixed installations where other automatic or semi-automatic bollards are present.

  • Power supply and wiring not requested
  • Simple laying and limited excavation
  • Guarantees aesthetic coherency in multiple installations together with retractable bollards.

Dimensions and technical specifications


J200 F H600

J200 F H600 Stainless steel

Cylinder height from ground

600 mm

Cylinder diameter

200 mm

Cylinder material

S235JRG2 EN 10277 steel

AISI 316L satin finish

Cylinder treatment

Cataphoresis and polyester powder paint, dark grey metallised RAL 7021

Satin finish

Reflective strip height

25 mm

Standard reflecting strip colour


Total weight

35 Kg

Walled in pit with cylinder profile (LxWxH)

400 x 500 x 200 mm

Excavation dimensions (LxWxH)

700 x 700 x 200 mm

Painted steel family models


Item code

J200 F H600



J200 F is equipped with:

  • steel cylinder with cataphoresis treatment and metallised dark grey powder coated painting

Inox AISI 316L family models


Item code

J200 F H600



J200 F INOX is equipped with:

  • AISI 316L satin-finished stainless steel cylinder

LED lights kit J200 __logo__RefNote3__

LED lights kit J200