AES Global


As a multi award winning company, Advanced Electronic Solutions are widely recognised as one of the leading forces globally in wireless access control, indeed the company has been manufacturing GSM wire free intercom systems since 2007.

Excellent technical support and backup are of premium importance to AES Global. The company now sells products in more than 50+ countries and employ 40+ direct staff and have a further indirect subcontract individuals. Solutions in technologies including GSM, DECT and Wi-Fi in single and multiuser configurations. 

Technology Types

D.E.C.T (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)​

Wireless Intercom System with a cordless telephone. Audio intercom system for single or multiple users. Working range of 100 metres (up to 400 metres open field conditions)

(GSM) Global System for Mobile

GSM Intercoms For Talking & Operating Your Door/Gates By Phone. Video solutions for single users. Audio solutions for single and multiple users. 

(Wi-Fi) Wireless Fidelity

Smart phone Wi-Fi video intercom systems. Video solutions using a private homes Wi-Fi to provide for single user video intercom solutions. 

Product Brochures

Wireless D.E.C.T Range

Single & Multi User DECT Audio Solutions

GSM Audio

Single & Multi User GSM Audio Intercom Solutions

Wi-Fi / 4G Video Range

Single User Wi-Fi & 4G Video GSM Solutions

Modular Building Range

Multi User / Multi Configuration / Multi Technology

NAL Intercom Guide

Download the NAL Intercom Systems Guide