Electronic control unit

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For 24V swing gate operators

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  • It is compatible with all receivers (3-pin or 5-pin or external) and all photocells (both BUS and tradional ones)



Power supply voltage

220-240V~ 50/60 Hz

Max. power

4 W Stand-by – approx. 400 W max W

Motor max power

7 A

Max. accessories load

500 mA 24V – 500 mA BUS 2easy

Accessories power supply



N. 3 buttons (+,-, F) and Display LCD, via PC with USB cable

Operating logic

Automatic (A), Semiautomatic (E), Automatic 1 (A1), Automatic Step by Step (AP), Dead man (C), Automatic safety (S), Safety Step by Step (SP), Semiautomatic Step by Step (EP), Semiautomatic B (B), Mixed logic (BC), Custom (customisable, programmable by the installer via PC)

Programmable functions

(*) Logic, pause time A, pause time B, thrust, speed, deceleration spaces, leaf delay, wind resistant, reverse-stroke, soft-touch, stroke at opening and closing, initial thrust, deceleration speed, LED, failsafe, programming of 2 Easy BUS devices, service request, power-safe, battery charger timer function, battery operation, clock, time-out, pre-flashing time, motor type, encoder sensitivity

Work time

Programmable (from 0 to 10 min)

Pause time

Programmable (from 0 to 10 min)

Thrust power

Programmable on 50 levels

Speed adjustment

Programmable on 10 levels

Terminal board inputs

BUS 2 Easy, Inputs completely programmable via PC (open A, open B, close, priority open, priority close, emergency close, emergency open, stop, safety device at opening, safety device at closure) Inputs for 4 limits switches (open, close, motor 1/motor 2), connection inputs for 2 motors, encoders

Terminal board outputs

2 programmable multifunction outputs

Rapid connector

OMNIDEC (XF433 or XF868), 5 pin board insertion for MINIDEC, DECODER, RP/RP2 receiver

Protection Fuses


Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C

Enclosure mod. E for electronic control units


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Enclosure mod. L for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720118||

Enclosure mod. LM for electronic control units


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Release lock with key for mod. L and LM


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