Electronic control unit

Use application field

For 230V industrial door automation

  • The control unit 540BPR It can be instaleld remotely to manage industrial doors, it can also be inserted in a dedicated enclosure equipped with cut-off switch, contactors, push button control panel and activation key.



Power supply voltage

220-240V~ 50/60 Hz

Max. power

4 W

Motor max power

800 W

Max. accessories load

200 mA

Operating logic

B/C, B, C, EP, AP, P default = B/C

Programmable functions

Logics, Working time, Pause time

Work time (time-out)

Self-learning (0-10 min with steps of 2.5 sec) – Default = 10 min

Pause time

Self-learning (0-5 min with steps of 1.5 sec) – Default = 30 sec

Terminal board inputs

Opening, Closing, Stop, Safety in closing, Limit switch, Power supply

Terminal board outputs

Motor, Accessories power supply 24V

Rapid connector

Single/two channels control unit receiver, Decoding control units

Protection Fuses

F1= 6,3 A – 250V~ – F2= self-resetting

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C

Enclosure mod. E for electronic control units


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Enclosure mod. L for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720118||

Enclosure mod. LM for electronic control units


||valuta|| ||720309||

Release lock with key for mod. L and LM


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