Huge range of Contactless Exit Buttons available in stock.

People and business protection via contactless door release exit buttons. Suitable for new and retro fit installations. NOW AVAILABLE IN STOCK Contact your Account Manager for more details, call 071 9663893 or email and we’ll call you straight back. 


NAL Contactless IR Door Release Switch

Brushed Stainless Steel, contactless, infrared door release switch. Available as surface or flush mount. Adjustable timer. Adjustable range. Change-over -contacts.

Hotron Clearwave Hygienic, Activation Switch

Non-Touch microwave technology door activation switch designed for installations where hygiene is of paramount importance such as white room, food processing and chemical industry applications. Adjustable touchless detection range from 5-40cm. Water resistant foam gasket protects the switch from water damage.

Hotron J-Wave Hygienic, Activation Switch

Slim Profile, Germ-free Automatic Door Activation Switch. Jamb style, low profile design facilitates a tidy installation on door frames or guiderails. Detection distance of up to 30cm with an ability to detect very fast hand movements in front of the switch body. Touchless design reduces the spread of germs and improves accessibility in healthcare, retail and commercial settings.

BEA Contactless Magic Switch intentional sensor for automatic doors

The Magic Switch is an intentional contactless microwave sensor. Its main use are  hygienic applications where the lack of contact with the sensor is required and also comfort reasons in hospital environments, hotels, restaurants, in the retail and pharmaceutical industries and in logistics.

Vanderbilt BLUE-EX Contactless Exit Buttons 

Vanderbilt Blue-EX Contactless Exit Button. The Vanderbilt BLUE-EX is an intentional contactless exit button. Colour changes from blue to green upon activation. Output timer 1 – 64 seconds. Audio Indicator via Internal buzzer.