ST Twenty 21 Trade Show Preview – SIMONS VOSS Wireless Locking

A new addition to our product range, directly integrating with FAAC Keydom. Smart Intego Wireless Locking from SIMONS Voss.

ST TWENTY 21 Trade Show

One sleep away for the one and only security trade show taking place on the island on Ireland in 2021. The eagerly anticipated Security Twenty 21 event takes place tomorrow,  the 14th of September 2021 in the Europa Hotel in Belfast. 

As part of the build up we’re previewing some of the new products on show to give you a small taste on what to expect when we see you in Belfast. On the eve of the show we  announce an new addition to our product line up that integrates directly with FAAC Keydom. 


Simons VOSS Technologies, a market leader in digital locking and access control solutions joins the FAAC KEYDOM access control solutions platform. The integration with the Simons VOSS SmartIntego range further enhances the accessibility of the FAAC Keydom platform. 

SmartIntego is designed to integrate with existing and already embedded access control systems. Locking cylinders, SmartHandle, and padlock – SmartIntego components can be easily integrated into complex building management systems. Existing IT structures and multifunctional SmartCards can also be used.


SimonsVoss SmartIntego components can be incorporated into the FAAC Keydom Platform without the need for an additional server or database. They are connected directly to the FAAC Keydom system via the SmartIntego firmware interface. Multiple applications include;

:: Office/administration

:: Smart buildings

:: Hospitals

:: Nursing and retirement homes

:: Perimeter surveillance

:: Public transport

:: Student residences

:: From one to over 10,000 doors

:: Connection to CCTV (video surveillance)

:: Connection to time systems

:: Connection to telecommunications systems

:: Connection to room booking systems

:: Connection to IDS (intruder detection systems)

Bruce Donald, National Sales Manager for Simons VOSS, UK & Ireland joins us in Belfast for ST21. Bruce will be available to showcase the capabilities of the Simons VOSS range in conjunction with the FAAC Keydom Access Control Solutions Platform among Installers and other stakeholders on the day.