FireCo – DorGard SmartSound

The cost effective tool that allows for the free flow of people through a premises while legally holding open fire doors.

Installation in less than 60 seconds.....


A welcome return to indoor dining this week in advance of the August bank holiday. We all hope the momentum is maintained across the Country while we try and return society to normality. The need to allow for the free flow of staff and patrons around a business premises while minimising touch points is a key requirement of the current guidelines. The device of choice to allow this is the FireCo DorGard SmartSound.


We only sell the FireCo DorGard SmartSound version, why is that you might rightly ask?


Dorgard SmartSound is a wireless solution for legally holding open fire doors and other doors with closers fitted, automatically releasing them to close when a fire alarm sounds. 

Allows for the free flow of staff and patrons around a premises assisting with germ control and preventing the need to touch door handles or other touch points.

SmartSound technology means the door units are not triggered by the noise of a vacuum cleaner or other high pitched noises. 


How Dorgard SmartSound works:


Wireless technology — battery powered (three year battery life and batteries are included)

Fire doors can be held open at any angle.

Responds instantly when the fire alarm is activated. As soon as the alarm is activated, the plunger is released and the door will close – simple as that! No programming, just fit and forget!


Available in stock today at a new low price, further discounts available when purchased in QTY’s of 5’s. Contact your Area Manager for more details and to arrange a demo or email and one of the team will call you back.