An access control system to control pedestrian traffic consists of, at least, the following basic elements:

  • a reader to detect presence
  • adequate electronics that allow the entire system to be controlled including all devices involved
  • any recognition devices such as transponders or proximity cards..
Do you want to create a fast lane for regulars?

Many readers have various features (keypad and proximity reader) and allow greater access flexibility for personnel and the regular users of any facility.

Swimming pool, gym and common areas can be provided with the XKPR reader, which is easy to install and integrate in other control systems. In addition, thanks to its elegant design, it fits in perfectly in prestigious environments.

I am a public administration department and I have heavy, daily traffic of people to manage.

Airports, courts and public transport see millions of people flow through them every day. Access control devices can be integrated based on individual needs, available in a wide range of solutions with turnstiles.

For more information please see the page containing additional information on pedestrian access control with turnstiles.


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